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Alison Saar : Works from the Permanent Collection

May 1, 2021 -  January 2, 2022

This exhibition of printed works from the permanent collection by internationally acclaimed artist Alison Saar incorporate both spiritual and political themes. Not one to shy away from difficult subjects, Saar commonly explores topics such as race, historical biases and gender, challenging viewers in exciting ways, describing her work as "refined savagery." (more…)

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A Breeze Through Fertile Gardens : Paintings and Drawings by Andrew M. Grant

July 10 -  November 7, 2021

Andrew Grant’s paintings are inspired by the four elements; earth, air, fire and water. His current work explores how women interact with these elements, using the idea and symbolism of a garden to tie the concepts together. His representational works integrate surrealism, myth and legend to depict women in meditative states that invite the viewer into the narrative. (more…)

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